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For all ladies, no Indian festival is complete without a full on total Desi attire. With so many upcoming festivals like GudiPadva, shivaji Jayanti , Parsi New year, Ram Navi, Mahavirjayanti and many more, one is sure to be on a lookout to find the perfect accessories to go with the traditional dress. Why get involved in hassles of long traffic queues, parking problems and haggling with the shopkeepers? When one can buy amazing accessories’ with just a click of a button at the comfort of their own homes. The chosen product will be delivered to at the doorstep. At acsentials it is made sure that all deliveries are on schedule, so the customer is completely ready to have fun on the D-day. A list has been made of a few kickass products from a wide range of ethnic bracelets and bangles so that the customer can have your pick.

1. A Beautiful Pair Of Gold Plated Antique Kundan Bangles

No one can ever go wrong with gold in the festive season. These one of a kind Kundan Bangles will add class and grace to any complete outfit. These bangles are intricately designed and look subtle but will make a very powerful fashion statement. These will go well with everything from a suit to lehenga to a saree. In fact, this is an extremely versatile piece which can also be worn on a daily basis as well.

A Beautiful Pair Of Gold Plated Antique Kundan Ban by acsentialsindia

Gold Plated Antique Kundan Bangles

2. Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Kada

For women who like to dress simple, this is the product for them. This Kundan kada is bold and beautiful. The one wearing it will be showered with compliments and praises. The best thing about this product is that it is supremely affordable. A product like this normally makes people break into their savings, but here it’s very economically priced.  This piece will be a great addition to your collection of jewellery, and it can also be worn when the wedding season comes rolling in.

Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Kada by acsentialsindia
Elegant Gold Plated Kundan Kada

3. Beautiful Green Glass and Golden Bangles for Kids

At Acsentials versatility is promised, this product proves that. Acsentials not only caters to mainstream customers but has a wide customer base. This product is for the little girls who too love to dress up during festivals. These bangles will look very cute on the arms of the little angels. Keep the camera ready to click pictures of these little adorable girls.

Beautiful Green Glass and Gold Bangles for Kids by acsentialsindia
Green Glass and Golden Bangles

Acsentials makes sure that the quality of the product is top notch. The products displayed on the website are exactly what will be delivered to the customer. Ascentials aims to please their customers. To know more about our product ranges follow us on all social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more.
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